Christian Counselling

Are you looking for counselling from a Christian perspective?
Are you a Christian who struggles with feelings of anxiety or depression?
Have you been through trauma or abuse in your life? 

My personal Christian beliefs allow me to provide counselling from a Christian perspective to those who choose that.

Christians often feel uncomfortable with the idea of seeing a counsellor. Questions like: Why am I, as a Christian, feeling this way? Will the therapist respect my beliefs? Does the therapist have his or her own belief system that might get in the way of the therapy process? These questions and more are very valid and often prevent people from seeking help.

There is no shame in Christians seeking mental health support. We have no qualms about visiting the doctor for physical ailments, so we should not feel badly about seeing a professional for other issues.

Christian clients often feel more comfortable with a therapist who shares their belief system. I was born and raised in a Christian home and am committed to helping other Christians as they navigate life’s challenges. This commitment means that I am able to integrate my professional counselling experience with what God gives us in the scriptures. For example, there are many practical ways to cope with feelings of anxiety and depression, but the scriptures also give us comforting messages and examples to help us with these same feelings.