Is your stress getting to you? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Not sure what to do with all your feelings?

You’re not alone! And there is help! Counselling is a confidential process to help you feel more regulated.

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Your therapist can help you restore emotional regulation, increase your tolerance for painful emotions, and learn to live a rich, full, and meaningful life.

  • Heal from trauma or abuse.
  • Regulate feelings of anxiety or depression.
  • Find balance in your life.
  • Improve your relationships with others.

Counselling is a confidential process that will enable you to explore issues like trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, or any other mental health concern. Counselling is about you and allows you the opportunity to clarify how you think and feel about issues in your life or events that you may have experienced. Counselling is meant to guide you in processing past events, making changes in your life, and strengthening your interactions with others.

If you feel intimidated by counselling, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal to have these feelings. My commitment to you is to make this a safe and empathic experience. All clients have the right to go at their own pace. Click here to view our informed consent document that provides complete information as to what counselling is all about.

Our goal is to provide cost effective counselling that meets your needs. Regular counselling rates are $100 for a one hour session. Rates are adjusted on a sliding scale for clients who qualify as low income.

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